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Current page : Quality Guarantee

Plato material is currently the best quality, the most advanced PVC network cloth brand.

We use this brand as a raw material for all our products to ensure that our customers' products are guaranteed high quality from the early stages of production.

At the same time, the PVC clip mesh cloth material itself has the waterproof, cold tolerance (- 50 ℃ to 60 ℃), flame retardant, 6 p environment friendly features.

1.Three layers of heat and technology

The products need to be fully inflated after the product is inflated at once, so it is very important to have the thermal process of each seam of the product.

ASHINE builds on the second layer of heat, adding another layer of hinges, three layers of heat, to achieve a longer period of closure, while also improving the safety of the product.

2.Stitching technology

Sewing line for high strength polyester bondi line, compared to other sewing thread, high tension line itself, high-strength polyester fiber bundy wear-resisting performance is good, small shrinkage, elastic moderate, stitch formation, can under the skilled sewing machine master craftsmanship to more perfectly sewing production.

Product both inside and outside of the double stitching, such as rest Angle, joint, stress another all stress location must be within or with nylon cloth reinforcing or PVC network folder for more than four wire stitching.

Rest force another article 10 cm wide to strengthen the protection of sewing seams in the original material 2 cm left and right sides, the highest configuration of six lines sewing let products can safely long time continuous jumping under pressure.

3.Reasonable stitch

The needle spacing of the persistent inflatable product is full of mysteries.

If the needle is too small, the unit length is too thick, and the hole can be torn apart by the pull of the stitching.

If the stitch is too large, the product of the closure will be affected again, originally 800 w fan is enough gas, and now need 950 w fan to the product full charge, not do more harm than good.The dream island is controlled by an inch 4-5 stitches from the experience, and controls the needle from the 1-inch 4-5 needle to the most reasonable needle.

4.High definition guide painting

The most intuitive color and design of the product clearly affect the aesthetics of the product, especially the theme series products.

Thus, neverland with professional digital painting machine according to product demand maximum presented to 1440 dpi (dots per inch print by, the value, the greater the present effect more better).

When the pattern is finished, a layer of UV light oil solid will be added, which will keep the pattern beautiful and bright, and protect against scratches.

Customizable Logo printing

The product can be printed with the LOGO (trademark), which helps customers to magnify their own brand and is highly anticipated.

If the customer does not specify a requirement on the trademark, we will print the dream island logo by default.The dream island logo represents a high-quality inflatable ride that matches the export of the European Union and the United States.

First step
Design the product according to your vision and requirements
Second step
The cut is made after the draft
Third step
The design is carried out in high definition by high precision guide
Fourth step
The fittings are made by the plastic welding machine for high frequency welding
Five step
After the production is finished, professional testing is carried out
Six step
The three layers of professional packaging are waiting for delivery

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