Instructions on the use of the arch

Points needing attention in the reuse and maintenance of inflatable products.

1) The day before using the arch should pay attention to the weather forecast, if there is more than 6 levels wind, you’d better not use the arch on that day.(Except for indoor use)

2) Then choose a good site to use the arch, fixed the power cord, do the doors open and close without obstruction.

Inflatable arch

3) Open packing bag and spread the arch, then tie the arch base end (without the inlet pipe ) or fasten it with a cord, next tighten the fan outlet at the other end of the arch base with rope.

4) Put the the sandbags in the foot of the arch and then pull on the zipper.

5) Fasten four long rope respectively on the rope buckle of the arch, the length of the arch should be almost the span of the arch.

6) Plug in the fan power supply, starting fan, waiting the gas blowing full and then raise up the arch, at last, fix the arch with the rope.

7) During the use, if there is a pedestrian accidentally knocked off the power to make arch down, as long as to plug the power supply, the arch can stand up again.

Maintenance of inflatable products

1) Inflatable products should stay away sharp objects.
Like we wear clothes, it is a good fabric also afraid of being cut. So when using inflatables, we should pay attention to avoid the branches, communication cable hook and other sharp objects.

2) After putting sandbags on the bottom of the inflatables,avoid to pull and drag.
If need to move the model and adjust position, first must raise it up before you move. If a drag on, bottom sit will easy to be worn out.

3) Afraid of artillery.
The model should as far as possible away from fireworks cannon in the opening ceremony occasion.

4) How to deal with it if dirty?
If it is dust, by hand or soft tools to make it clean. If it is a dirt, wipe it with wet cloth.

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