About package

1. Test before packaging

For all inflatable products produced by Ashine Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., we will do test before packaging and shipping, check the size, shape, logo, sewing, material, accessories etc whether meet customer's request and industry Standard and our company's standard(As a company have near twenty years experience, we have our own Reinforcement methods on vulnerable parts and forced parts). Regarding the air tight inflatable products, 24 hours air sealed testing will be done first.

2. Pack in strict accordance with the specifications

For inflatable products, the internal air must be exhausted before packaging. If use an exhaust fan, will need deflate freely for half an hour after the exhaust fan is exhausted to ensure that there is no air pressure in the inflatable product. Then two or more people start stepping on the inflatable product from the direction where there is no air sleeves to the direction with the air sleeve (be careful to take off your shoes), and step on the inflatable product at least three times. Then follow the stepping direction and start folding or rolling (it must be solid during the folding or rolling process). Finally, it is tied up with a rope and loaded into a special transport belt.

For other products, we will pack as per the Product's characteristic, ensure safe and save freight.

3. Transport bags for inflatable products

Besides the outer packing bag or carton, we also provide a bag for storing the products(of course, it will protect the products when shipping too). Its moisture-proof and sun-proof functions are also very good. If store for a long time, it is recommended to store far away from the mouse, and take products out occasionally to dry in the sun(Moisture-proof, mildew-proof and corrosion-proof).

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