About shipment

The current transport methods include express, sea, air, and rail, and these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of express shipping

By express, delivery time is relatively fast, usually 3-4 days to Asia; within 7 working days to Europe(it busy season, it is always out of booking, may more than 7 working days,so please consider this when calculate the purchase time). It is in one week to North America; and about 7 working days to South America.

In general, express delivery is relatively convenient, goods can directly delivery to your door. little countries are more troublesome for customs clearance, The shipping company will need a simple assistance from you to complete customs clearance.

According to the freight, express delivery is more suitable for relatively small packages.

The advantages and disadvantages of sea shipping

The shipping time by sea is relatively slow, generally 2-7 days to Asia; one month to Europe; half a month to western North America, one month to eastern North America; in 2 months to South America month and Africa. Above is the shipping time from Chinese port to the basic port near you. So if by sea, need prepare earlier.

By sea, you need arrange custom clearance and transport from port to your address and bear the cost. If your company have no custom clearance department, You could find a professional customs clearance company to help you do these things.

Sea transportation is more suitable for bulk cargo, and the transportation cost of sea transportation is relatively low.

The advantages and disadvantages of air shipping

By air, it just to the basic air port near you, you need arrange custom clearance and transport from port to your address and bear the cost. But if catch the direct flight, it will very fast.

The advantages and disadvantages of rail transportation

Railway transportation is mainly for countries along the Asia-Europe railway. If there is no seaport, and air express is expensive, railway transportation will be chosen.

The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of various transportation methods. We will recommend customers suitable methods as per the total weight, volume and time request.

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