Maintenance of the inflatable tent

During the use of the inflatable tent, as the number of uses increases, It will inevitably be damaged.

Air continuous tent repair

1 Clean it with dishcloth.
2 If demaged by knife etc, can paste by tape.
3 If demaged by wear and tear(some material have already lost), can use needle thread and repair material piece which in the repair kit to sew.

If there is air leakage, you could clean air column first, then smear the surface with soapy water to found the place where leak air(the place leak air will have a bubble). If the leak is a very small hole, you can use a small round repair cloth (any size of inflatable tent is equipped with several quick repair cloths), and then glue on the repair cloth and wait for the glue near dry(several minutes), press repeatedly with a smooth tools, and can be reused after 6 hours.

Inflatable tent

If the leak area at the air column heat sealing joint, follow the steps below to deal with it.

First, Clean up the leak first.
Second, Spread the special adhesive glue on the both side of heat the surface, after the glue is near dry, it can be bonded.
Third, press repeatedly with a smooth tools.
Forth, After bonding, you can use electric hot hair dryer to blow, and the replacement bonding is more solid.
Fifth, Then wait for 6 small things to be used again.

Notice during use:

1. It is necessary to spread a layer of moss cloth on the ground to prevent sharp objects on the ground from scratching the column.
2. If you need to cook in the tent, be sure to use the flame principle tarp, or use a fire isolation board to isolate the flame. People should not leave the tent during cooking to avoid fire.
3. If the wind on the day of use exceeds level 4, use inflatable tents carefully to avoid unnecessary losses.
4. Before storing the inflatable tent, be sure to dry and clean, and then fold and store.

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